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Concrete Look Floor Tiles

If you’re looking to create a well-designed, yet homely space, you can’t go past Trinity Direct’s Concrete Look Tile. These tiles provide a smooth and refined look for floors of all kinds. The sleek, polished tile is suitable for any modern home. If you’re renovating your home and hoping to create a sleek design, these tiles are perfect for adding elegance to a simplistic charm. Click here to browse our Concrete Look Tile range.

Concrete Look Floor Tiles

Stone Look Floor Tiles

Stone Look Floor Tiles

The stone tile is perfect for any rustic living space. They provide a warm earthy feel to any room. Stone tiles are the perfect way to bring sylvan charm into your home while creating a feeling of history and age through your house. They create a powerful statement and are perfect for around the fire place or the feature wall in your bathroom, living room or even in a dining room. Browse our Stone Look Tile range here.

Wood Look Floor Tiles

Create appealing, sophisticated, effortless style in your home with the latest trend today – wood look floor tiles!

It’s well known that timber flooring is subject to damage from temperature changes, fading, bowing, splints, cracks, scratches, and water absorption.  Wood look floor tiles allow you to achieve that glossy magazine timber look, with all the benefits of porcelain tiles without those drawbacks of timber flooring. Browse our Wood Look Tile range here.

Wood Look Floor Tiles

Vanity Glass Mosaics
Bathroom Glass Mosaics
Kitchen Glass mosaics

Glass Mosaics

Often used in the decorative art, glass mosaics are the ideal way to add a splash of color and pop to your kitchen and bathroom. Glass mosaics have a glossy, high visual appeal and offer a lot more flexibility in design than most regular tiles. They can even be used to create artwork in your home! At Trinity Direct we have made choosing the right glass mosaics design for your home even easier. Express your inner artist flare and browse through our catalog of beautiful glass mosaics. Click here to browse Glass Mosaic range.

Mosaic Look Wall Tiles

Mosaic Look Wall Tiles

Achieve a stylish mosaic design without the fuss with wall mosaic tiles. Wall mosaic tiles are ceramic tiles that look identical to their traditional counterparts in appearance, however rather than tiny pieces attached by netting, they are available in a large tile format. These are even easier to install than traditional mosaic tiles, yet retaining all the benefits of style and color. Browse Mosaic Look Wall Tile range here.    

Quartz Stone Range Quartz Stone Tiles

Quartz Stone Tiles Benchtops and Tiles (for Commercial Flooring)

Quartz Stone is man made stone with better chemical and scratch resistance properties than natural stone.It is also harder than natural stone. It is mainly used as bench top in homes. Trinity Direct supplies Quartz Stone in form of Benchtops with requested size, thickness, and edges in a variety of colors. Browse the entire range here. 

Because Quartz Stone has properties better than Porcelain Tiles as a flooring material, it is also used for the flooring of shopping centers. Trinity Direct supplies Quartz Stone with 10 mm thickness and in form of rectangle tiles with required sizes. 

Sand Stone Pavers

Sand Stone Pavers

Sand Stones, when selected correctly, creates non-slip flooring, with thermal capacities and is a perfect solution for a backyard, alfresco or around the pool areas. The untamed surface of the tile will add color and interest to your garden. Its elegance and unique appearance, make it the perfect addition to any area.

Trinity Direct's random pattern mix sand stone is unique work of art by itself but when paired with another of its kind, Sand Stone Paving once laid becomes a masterpiece. Browse Sand Stone Pavers range here.

Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding

The Wall Cladding at Trinity, is unmatched in size and range, in comparison to all similar products. Ranging from stone rock walls, that create a cave like atmospheres, to multi colored bricks, with rough faces, there is bound to be a type of wall cladding that suits your taste. 

Whether you are looking for a smooth, refined wall cladding, a rough, earthy wall cladding, or something in between, you will find it in our wall cladding range. Click here to browse Wall cladding range. 

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