Trinity Direct for Home Owners

Whether you are a first-time home owner or building a house as an investment. Trinity Direct has something unique to offer you in our range of Quality Products. Forget about the product resellers who will try to benefit from your situation and try to sell you products that benefit them the most. We will adeptly take you through our range of Quality Products and help you choose the suitable ones for you. We do understand that sometimes affordability can be an issue. So, if you are looking for something specific or that “architectural look” but you think it is out of your budget then Trinity Direct may be able to help you to select a product that gives you most out of your money.

If you are an investor who is building more than one home or have friends with whom you want to create bigger order, so that you benefit the best and most, you can request quotes for multiple items. When you request the quote with your selected items we work with you so that you achieve what you want.

You do not have to pay us deposit before your products are delivered. You can request quote and place order online. You only release the payment after you receive the goods. We treat our big home clients equally to the small home clients. We attempt to assist with all your orders regardless of the value of order for each transaction. When you request the quote, we will respond to you with best pricing structure for your individual needs.

If you are accepting hand over from your builder without tiling, paving and landscaping and about to blow your budget then Trinity Direct will be able to suggest products within your budget.

To see how much you can save with us just select the products you are interested in and request the quote to see how we can aid you in achieving that dream house. For those who would want to partner with us, we have an excellent Rewards and Referral Programs which may lower your cost even further. You can actively participate in one or both. You will be automatically enrolled to both and can see rebate amount and referral points under your account dashboard when you log in.


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