Customise Anything!

What do we mean by "Customise Anything" ?
We have a range of products listed on our website you can choose from. However, if you have a specific design, pattern or size in your mind then we are happy to try to match it too.
Examples of such Customisation:
  • Tile design from our listed range but in different size
  • Paver from our listed range but in different thickness and/or size
  • Wall Cladding from our listed range but in different size and/or pattern
  • Quartz Stone Benchtops with specific edge
  • Mixed Sandstone Pavers with pattern and/or thickness different from our listed range
  • Mosaic Tiles from our listed range but with different colour pallets
Please note that NOT ALL Customisation can be possible. When we receive your Quote Request, we will let you know if your requested Customisation is possible.
Is it relatively more expensive to select a listed product and customise it compared to choosing it as it is?
That depends on the base product you choosing, the amount of customisation required and quantity requested. The only way to find this out is to request Quote with required Customisation.
How do I request Quote for Customised Product?
Browse through our product range on website, Select product(s) you want to customise then add them to Quote Request and describe what Customisation you want of each product into “Note” section of Quote Request. Then click on “Submit Quote”. We will get back to you with Quote within 3 working days. When Quote is generated you will be notified via email and Quote would be accessible once you log into your account on our website.